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Drilling Holes


Drilling holes in metal plates is one of the technological operations performed in the workshop of our metalwork plant.


  • Thickness of plates (sheets) – from 4 to 80 mm.
  • Minimum dimensions 100×100 mm
  • Maximum dimensions 1000×2500 mm


Modern equipment, including the latest CNC machines and tooling of any complexity, allows us to fulfill orders in a wide range of sizes and various accuracy classes.

If it is necessary to drill holes of maximum accuracy, an additional tool is used in compliance with all hole requirements.

Depending on the type of drilling and the material of the part, the optimal tool and operating mode of the machine are selected. Including, the choice of the rotation speed and the possibility of using cooling to prevent overheating and deformation during the operation, which is especially important with a large drilling depth.

As a leader in the market for the production and processing of metal structures in St. Petersburg, we guarantee the quality of work and compliance with the terms of the order according to the contract.


From 50 rubles per hole.

* The indicated prices are for informational purposes only, depending on the volume of the order, special prices are provided. For an accurate calculation of the cost of services for plasma cutting of metal, please contact our managers by phone, e-mail or through the application form on the website.


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