A steel frames production enterprise

Management system

Steelworks management system is a spiritual follower of ISO Management System Standards in the way they may be applied to the general management of an industry sector. The foundation of our effective administration stands on the following concepts:
• Transparent and consistent governance decisions
• Systematic compliance (after ISO 19600:2014)
• Structural diversification in the areas of responsibility (after ISO 44001:2017)
• Shared contribution in every professional opinion (after ISO 44001:2017)
• Accumulation and organized unification of any personal knowledge (after ISO/CD 30401)

Steelworks governing body is in fact a vertical chain of command, which may be found typical for many industry enterprises. Thus, our executive bodies are placed in this chain corresponding to their field of responsibility, where the strategic management prevails over daily-tasked executants. Among the latter, we encourage the horizontal mobility of employees, which means the pursuit to provide each specialist with a professional satisfaction and effective self-performance possibilities. As a result, we made it possible to tie the career growth to the outcome of professional activity more clearly.
Steelworks employees are distributed among specialized subdivisions. They may be designated to bridge constructions or general construction sectors – or among other professional sections, such as project department of painting workshop. Thus, we imply effective daily management and interaction between workshops, engineers, internal suppliers, supervisors and front office.
On an operational level, management is executed via a complex informational environment, consisting of administrative and engineering software. Internal digital networks and equipment are supporter and maintained by a special R&D section of the Steelworks.