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H-beams manufacturing and welding


Lenmontag Steelworks produce H-beams from carbon steels and low-alloy steels. The beam is manufactured on the automatic welding line under the flux of SCI 3000.

Such a beam is an H-shaped welded structure of steel sheets, similar in shape and size to that of a hot-rolled beam according to GOST 26020-83 or to the СТО АСЧМ 20-93 Standard. Beams can be used for framing residential, public, agricultural and industrial buildings, or as single support elements.

Advantages of using the H-beam

Based on the experience of Steelworks engineers and installers, the use of steel H-beams opens a number of prospects:

  • Weight reduction of such metal structures by 10% compared to hot-rolled ones due to the possibility of an optimal composite section.
  • Minimization of waste by making a beam of the required length, rather than referring to standardized samples.
  • The possibility of using different types of steel for beam shelves and walls.
  • Ability to select asymmetrical sections of H-beam.

Key benefits

Lenmontag Steelworks offer the following options:

  • Our equipment allows to produce a beam length from 3000 mm to 12000 mm, vertical wall height from 200 mm to 3000 mm and shelf width from 200 mm to 1500 mm.
  • Manufacturing of special beams either according to client’s drawings or according to drawings developed by Lenmontag Steelworks.
  • Absence of transverse joints along the length, since we use a one-piece twelve-meter sheet.
  • Fully certificated metal rolling from leading metallurgical enterprises, as we do not use secondary raw materials, scrap or remelted steels.
  • We use high-quality consumables and auxiliary materials from professional suppliers that supply the leaders of metallurgical industry, including electrodes, tools and materials for cleaning or protecting structures.
  • For each shipment we provide documents on the quality of steel structures according to Russian Technical Rulings 0925-001-81769030-2007, GOST 23118-78 and SP 53-101.
  • Shipments are accompanied by certificates of product quality, quality certificates for sheet products and other materials used.
  • By arrangement with the client, we conduct special laboratory tests, independent examinations (including metal examinations under federal regulatory requirements). When our customer bears a special degree of responsibility to his ultimate client, we are ready to provide client’s access for technical supervision over the individual stages of the production process.

Pricing and proposals

Please contact our managers via phone, email or through an application form on this website to calculate prices for the H-beam manufacturing.


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