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Steel cutting


One can see an addition and alternative to plasma cutting in classic gas cutting, sawing of metal profiles and physical metal chopping. All these services are provided at Lenmontag Steelworks on a semi-automatic equipment.

Gas cutting

Gas cutting is a process also known as oxygen or oxy-fuel cutting. This technology is coarser than the plasma arc, because it does not give the filigree smoothness of the cut and assumes the initial heating of the surface, which can adversely affect the critical areas of the metal workpiece. With the help of technical propane, the surface to be cut is brought to temperatures of thousands of degrees Celsius. Then the torch initiates an oxygen shock, from which the name of the process occurs. Oxygen ignites on contact with the heated metal and the metal is burned through. Lenmontag Steelworks use professional stencils to give the cut areas the required shaping, and provide fast, professional, relatively inexpensive processing of steel blanks in any volumes.


Sawing of metal profiles is performed by a band saw on a professional console machine. The blade of the saw and the pitch of the teeth are selected according to the conditions of the customer. It is also possible to refine the blanks using diamond discs. Electromechanical hardening of saw blades and composite blade alloys allow us to work with colored, high-carbon and alloyed metals without additional thermal effects.


Metal chopping is performed on a modern guillotine (guillotine shears, to be more precise) under HACO brand, Germany.

Pricing and proposals

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