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Historical military machines restoration


We believe that, as citizens of St. Petersburg, we shall remember the history of our heroic city – The City of Leningrad – during the Second Great Patriotic War (WWII). As part of this memory, we must revere those who fought and fell on the battlefields for their Motherland.

Lenmontag Steelworks provides different service lines of historic restoration for the military machinery used during the Second Great Patriotic War:

  1. Historic restoration of heavy military landcraft. Reconstruction of those so-called living memorials of the automotive industry, battletanks and artillery.
  2. Manufacturing and placement of monuments in the places of battles across Leningrad Region.
  3. Manufacturing of military machinery models for different purposes.

Our experience with metal processing and modern equipment allow us to produce a 100% similarity to modelling and parts used in this historic period.

Pricing and proposals for historic restoration

Please contact our managers via phone, email or through an application form on this website to calculate prices for the modelling and manufacturing of historic military machinery.


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