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Steel frame design & development


Metal Design Section of Lenmontag Steelworks carries out a full cycle of development of design metal drawings for light and heavy metal structures (Russian CM designs). We provide a blueprinting base for buildings en bloc or for separate constructional and bridge structures. Our drawings include designs for supporting structures, linear and infrastructure steel elements as well as for certain types of metallic fittings. The specific package of services depends on the customer. We conduct designs of separate metal structures or assemblies, as well as complete Metal Constructions project sections (Russian CM stage). Moreover, we are ready to provide our clients with an all-encompassing project administration in relation to steel structures. This service line includes development of Architectural Solutions phase, site works execution program and full engineering and technological support of our steel structures and raw materials.

Extensive experience in the MK project allows us to fight for projects of any complexity and scale.

List of works

As a rule, our “classic” scope of contract includes:

  • Calculation of loads for steel structures;
  • Selection and adaptation of steel grades (alloys);
  • Outline diagrams of steel structures;
  • General drawings in cross-sectional and longitudal shapes.

A detailed study of the Metal Constructions project section can include the calculation and emplacement research of nodes and interfaces, followed by precise specifications for metal profiles. Our solutions are always accompanied by professional commentary and explanatory notes provided to the client.

Additional services may include a transfer of design drawings into the detailed metal drawings (Russian CMD), supervision over the production cycle, installation of metal structures on-land and supervision over the whole project. Thanks to the capabilities of Lenmontag holding, we involve into our calculations expertise from specialized electrotechnical, general construction and montage engineers.

Pricing and proposals

Please contact our managers via phone, email or through an application form on this website to calculate prices for the designing of metal structures and design drawings.


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