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Plasma cutting


Lenmontag Steelworks employ a wide range of metal cutting technologies. Among them, plasma processing is standing apart. We allocate it into a separate service line, where metallic sheets are pierced by a blade of ionized gas.


The essence of plasma technology lies in an electric arc ignited between the electrode and the metal surface to cut. Gas is injected under high pressure in several atmospheres into the nozzle of the machine, and the electric arc turns it into a stream of plasma. The temperature of the plasma knife varies from five to thirty thousand degrees Celsius, and the speed of the particle flow can reach one and a half thousand meters per second. Under such conditions, the cutting effect of plasma manifests itself immediately, which provides the main and most valuable advantage of plasma cutting: minimal heating of the surrounding metal landscape. This quality excludes thermal deformation or irreversible change in physical properties of steel. In addition, the narrow and hot plasma blade gives a higher shear cleanliness than the simpler methods, which is especially necessary if tightness or ideal fit is required. The thickness of the workpiece cut in this way can reach two hundred millimeters

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