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Anti-corrosion surface protection


Lenmontag Steelworks render services on priming and painting of metal surfaces with various types and combinations of paint and varnish materials. In general sense, painting and priming of metal structures are used universally to perform two key functions: protective and decorative. In addition to the decorative effect, they are necessary as a means of protecting the metal from corrosion, rusting over welds, abrasion, UV-effects or aggressive environment.

Steelworks specialists are always ready to provide qualified assistance on the painting and priming of metal structures and will fulfill such order in a short time. We provide painting in accordance with the customer’s specifications or we can, when necessary, compose relevant combinations of paintwork materials that meet the requirements of operation (we are fully able to work with “basic” water-based paints or epoxy-adducted paints and up to staining with special anti-radiation compositions).

Due to the fact that bridge metal structures are usually designed for capital installation and long-term operation without major repairs, anti-corrosion protection becomes one of the main guarantees of aesthetic appeal and wear resistance of external surfaces.

Pricing and proposals

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