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Steel Detailing


Lenmontag engineers ensure the provision of detailed metal drawings developed after general metal drawings of our own design or after those provided by our clients. This kind of project documentation is recognized as Russian CMD stage (CMD for Russian “Constructions Metallic, Detailed”). Both solid engineering experience and professional qualification allow us to perform such drawings in the shortest time possible.

Detailed metal drawings serve as a basis for the manufacturing and installation of metal structures, and therefore contain all the necessary data for marking, processing, assembly, welding, corrosion protection, quality control and installation of such structures. These blueprints include summary sheets of mounting bolts, seams, rivets and other things. NAWC-certified specialists and experienced chief project engineers give us an upper hand for expert commentary and allow to select the installation technologies that are of the best adaptation to the conditions in a construction site.


Development of detail metal drawings is carried out with Tekla and Advance Steel software, which ensures the highest quality of the drawings. We do understand that properly detailed metal drawings are a pledge not only for the error-free production of metal structures, but also for the fast and precise assembly of such elements on site. In turn, it saves time of our clients significantly.

Pricing and proposals

Please contact our managers via phone, email or through an application form on this website to calculate prices for the detailed metal drawings.


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