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Quality supervision


Non-destructive testing laboratory of Lenmontag Steelworks performs tests of any complexity in regard to ultrasonic scanning of welded joints of bridge and building metal structures, lifting cranes and pipelines. We are accredited in accordance with GOST R ISO / IEC 17025-2009 and have a valid attestation in the Unified system of conformity assessment in the field of industrial, environmental safety, safety in power engineering and construction.

At acceptance control, our quality supervision service performs ready-checks for the requirements of design documentation, including construction blueprints and technology sections, and written standards (GOSTs, SNiPs, SP, STP, SRT, etc.). The service ensures quality control for all stages of manufacturing process and technical acceptance of construction and bridge metal structures, including:

  • Input control of raw materials (for compliance with the manufacturer’s certification, for compliance with the requirements for the quality of raw materials or other special requirements).
  • Operational control of compliance with the parameters of technological processes during the fabrication cycle.
  • Acceptance quality control of manufacturing of steel structures.
  • Issuing and confirming any necessary certifications towards their quality.

All activities of Lenmontag Steelworks are involved in the quality control system. Testing lab and quality assessors perform their duties in strict accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015). The conclusion of the Steelworks’ laboratory can be used as an independent expert opinion due to the presence of relevant qualifications, that is why we provide services of quality supervision both for acceptance control and during the dispute resolutions in areas of our competence.

Our specialists accept orders within the laboratory, if the samples can be provided. They can be dispatched on site or be involved into the constant quality assurance escort for our client.

Pricing and proposals

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