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Metal structures for buildings & construction


For more than fifteen years Lenmontag Steelworks produces and delivers building metal structures of different profile and technological purpose. Metal frames of this kind are used in the construction of buildings and structures of a permanent and temporary nature, where the addition or replacement of existing building profiles is possible, as well as in many other forms of construction work. As a general rule, our metal structures are designed for mounting on bolts, pins, welded joints and anchoring groups.

We carry out our steel structures for use in an industrial and civil construction of any complexity. Our designs were used in the frames of nuclear power plants, oil refineries and ore-dressing plants, chemical and food factories, heavy engineering facilities and business centers. We gladly work with the clients’ design phase project documentation including the Architecture, Metal Constructions or Reinforced Steel Frames Sections (Russian AR, KM and KJ Stages respectively). However, we are also ready to ensure the development and further production of building structures on our own project. As part of it, we provide our clients with the development of Metal Constructions Section and detailed metal drawings, picking up the required raw materials and ensuring the installation of structures on site. The main applications of our building metal structures are:

  • Building frames, including main-load and supporting structures, columns, vertical connections, overlapping interfaces;
  • Bunker and shaft solutions, including aerotank, closed and open cycle cleaning facilities, elevator and escalator sections;
  • Sports infrastructure, including welded pools, roofs and public zones of stadiums, stands, small specialized premises;
  • Enclosures, including panels, preparation for translucent or composite structures, fixtures and supports of lighting systems, lifting and sliding gates;
  • Infrastructure for the mineral transfer lines, including pipeline networks for liquefied gas, overpasses of ammonia pipelines, gas transportation routes, trestles for mineral materials;
  • Electrotechnical solutions, including cable-carrying lines, high-complexity brackets, underground and above-ground communications.

The plant’s regular capacity reaches 1200 tons of building metal structures per month with the potential to increase production capacity for a large order (for example, if the customer is implementing a federal-scale project).

Pricing and proposals

To calculate the cost of metal structures for buildings and construction, please contact our managers or Lenmontag Bid Section by phone, email or through the application form on the website. Due to its capital nature, the processing of building structures may require (and usually requires) a bid procedure or a significant pre-project stage of discussion. Thus, allow us time to issue a formal commercial proposal and for a preliminary evaluation of the project.


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