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Metal structures for bridges


Significant part of modern bridges and span structures around the globe is set using metal structures. Thus, the latter are often referred to as “bridge” or “heavy” ones, where the last name was fixed because bridge elements are quite always delivered in large tonnages. Being one of the largest manufacturers of bridge structures in the North-West, Lenmontag Steelworks accept orders for manufacturing and delivery of bridge metal structures of all types:

  • Span structures, including U-shaped, T-shaped and reversed U-shaped. We add segmentation, crocheting or superstructures and prepare our spans for a detachable roadway in case of draw or lifting bridges.
  • Elements of supporting groups, counterbalances of tail sections, locking boxes, in-closures, flexible and capital stress points of bridges and pylons.
  • Transitions and technical passages.
  • Spacing for utility networks, service infrastructure using ladders, hatches, manholes.
  • Solutions for the organization of the construction site, such as temporary retractable beams, floating elements, suspended structures.
  • Enclosing structures of bridges including rails, control passages, curbs, and casings of movable elements.
  • Metal roadways and connections of bridge span frames with coastal structures, etc.

The governing regulatory framework for our production is Transstroy Technology Standard No. 012-2007. The key raw materials used in the basic load-bearing structures, as a rule, are low-alloy steels of grade 15CSiNiD and 10CSiNiD (Russian 15 and 10 ХСНД respectively). Such steels meet the requirements of Russian state standard GOST for sheet metal products, as well as of other industry standards. The maximum weight of a single Steelworks shipping is up to 100 tons with the discussed possibility of transportation by land (road, rail) or by sea. Steelworks productivity reaches 1800 tons of bridge metal structures per month.

Pricing and proposals

To calculate the cost of metal structures for briges, please contact our managers or Lenmontag Bid Section by phone, email or through the application form on the website. Due to its capital nature, the processing of building structures may require (and usually requires) a bid procedure or a significant pre-project stage of discussion. Thus, allow us time to issue a formal commercial proposal and for a preliminary evaluation of the project.


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