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Yakhtennaya street new bridge is free to go

The bridge in the alignment of the Yacht Street became not only the longest and highest pedestrian crossing in the city (940 meters long and 16 meters high), but also the brightest with its three-color palette. The bike path is made of red asphalt, and the tracks for pedestrians left black and blue. The bridge will be allowed to police cars, ambulance and fire services only. It is equipped with two observation platforms facing the Gulf of Finland. When carrying out mass sports and cultural events at the new stadium on Krestovsky Island, the bridge will provide a passage capability for up to 24 thousand people per hour. Metal structures for the main spans of the bridge were supplied, among others, by Lenmontag Steelworks: thus, we took part in one of the most complicated hydrotechnical and transport projects of the city.

Previously, the bridge twice was temporarily opened for public. On May 7, fans of local Zenith Football Club passed along it, and on May 21 it was repeated by participants of the all-Russian half-marathon ZaBeg. The Yacht Bridge became the 427th bridge in St. Petersburg. The governor of St. Petersburg Mr. Poltavchenko, deputy Minister of sports Mr. Novikov, FIFA World Cup ambassadors honored with their visit the solemn opening set on August 27, 2017