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Metal structures assembly at WHSD central section

On Monday, March 31, 2014, first bridge metal structires arrived to the construction sites of the WHSD on Savushkina street and in the south of Vasilievsky Island.

Representatives of the general contractor, the Italian-Turkish company ICA (Astaldi Ichtas), accepted the first span of metal structures in precise accordance with the contract terms on the construction sites of the WHSD Central Section. Four span metal structures weighing from 14 to 16.5 tons with length of 12 to 14 meters, width of 3 meters and height of 2.2 meters were unloaded near the Savushkina street. These steel structures are designed for the construction of a bridge at the mouth of the rivers Middle Nevka and Big Nevka. The first deliveries were also made to the site in the south of the Vasilievsky Island for the construction of an approach bridge to the Korabelny Bridge in the mouth of Neva river. Metal structures are all-welded spans on supports (right and left directions), including blocks, transverse and longitudinal beams, consoles. Storing areas for metal structures are ready. In the near future, an enlarged assembly of metal structures will begin. At the same time, work will begin on the construction of special auxiliary structures and devices for sliding bridge spans at the mouth of the rivers Middle and Big Nevka.

Suppliers of structures for the Western High-Speed Diameter are the largest Russian manufacturers such as Lenmontag Steelworks (St. Petersburg), Voronezhstalmost (Voronezh), NGO Mostovik (Omsk), Kurganstalmost (Kurgan), Energomash (Belgorod), Tyumenstalmost named after Tyumen Komsomol (Tyumen). For the first time in the history of the Russian Federation, the largest manufacturers of metal structures were merged through advanced software based on ERP, which guarantees the possibility to monitor and control the work on metal structures in detail, which is particularly relevant in view of the factories located far from St. Petersburg (up to 3,200 km).

Delivery of metal structures will last until December 2015. The total weight of prefabricated elements is 113,000 tons.