A steel frames production enterprise


The industrial facility for metal structures was founded in 1998 as a structural part of a large construction holding, Lenmontag. At the first stage of existence, the chief goal of the project was to develop and promote company’s own production of metal parts that could meet corporate quality standards, while the supporting one involved gaining access to the market of metal structures and self-owned constructive solutions in Russia and the CIS.

We are known as “ZMK Lenmontag”, where ZMK stands simply for Russian “steelworks” or “metal production plant” (not simply, ZMK can be expanded as “zavod metallicheskih konstruktsiy”), and this is our history.

Years 1996 to 2005

The trial period of the plant fell on the years of a complex historical and economic situation in Russia. On the one hand, recent all-state crisis of 1998, inflationary fluctuations and internal uncertainty did not promise easy ways. On the other, the arrival of capital investments at the country, reforms within the industrial model of Russia and the forthcoming front of professional work have given us a huge scope for maneuver and development.

Lenmontag Steelworks began its activity with the implementation of project blueprints (metal drawings, or CM for Russian nomenclature) following with the development of detailed metal drawings on them (or CMD for Russian nomenclature). The plant was able of self-sustained manufacturing of bridge supports and bearing beams, as well as elements of frameworks or architectural solutions for buildings of different purpose. Initially, we were often involved in the projects of the Lenmontag holding in the field of construction and reconstruction, but we quickly moved to an independent business level and began to build up our own market presence.

The biggest problems at this stage were the unsatisfactory quality of raw materials and the small spread of innovative solutions of the global steel industry in domestic engineering practice. During this period, the general concept of the plant as a universal production site was formed, providing the customer both with individual metal parts and a complex product. Our services included blueprinting, tech and quality support and, most importantly, installation on site under the manufacturer supervision. We adhere to this concept till today.

Years 2005 to 2010

During these years we were focused on overcoming two main problems: the lack of innovation and the quality of raw materials. To this end, we have developed a three-stage quality control system for our suppliers and the final product, which includes both financial and technological supervision, our own laboratory and mandatory guarantees of our reliability. We understood, that in order to turn from a secondary regional producer into a significant player in the professional market, we need a constant change, adapting business processes to the complex conjuncture of the industry.

In order to manage the situation, Lenmontag Steelworks integrated some perspective engineering solutions. Among the first in Russia, we installed complex hardware systems of German origin that provide microscale precision of metal cuts. Those days we introduced more effective methods of plasma cutting, welding and painting. New methods of paintwork and the usage of patented gas-welding mixtures were established in line with purification procedures for raw materials of our own design. When installing our structures on the ground, Steelworks montage specialists began to use technologies of two-layer protection against corrosion and rust and complex construction equipment: multi-stage hoists, bridge cranes or sliding blocks during the construction of bridges and overpasses.

Thus, the production chain of our plant was formed. Assembly lines, welding and painting shops were separated as different business units, but acting as a system. Constructional and bridge metal structures were set apart from one another for different professional teams. Production of linear elements (towers of power transmission lines or cable masts) or infrastructural steel parts (stairs, pipes, fences and small-sized metal constructions) were finally set as a special production lines. Since then a package of our services has included aluminum, metal-plastic and translucent elements, fire safety systems and other compound solutions.

Years 2010 to 2015

During this period, Lenmontag Steelworks came to recognition among the county-sized market of Russia. The pool of our clients began to include federal agencies, regional administrations, enterprises of the defense industry as well as large transnational companies in various sectors of the economy, from oil production to the consumer goods segment. We came up with a single transportation route for our metal structures throughout the whole Russia. Our montage specialists began to provide their subsequent installation on the ground. We are proud for the opportunity to participate in the milestone projects of the decade: the construction of the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter in St. Petersburg, the development of the marine liquefied gas transportation network, the construction of mining and processing complexes in the Arkhangelsk, Nizhny Novgorod or Tyumen areas.

Year 2015 till present day

The new economic complications surely meant new challenges for us, but also new prospects. Now Lenmontag Steelworks consolidates its presence in the field of Russian-Chinese partnership. We are engaged in assembling responsible sections of Lakhta Center, the largest business complex in the Russian North-West, and participate in a federal investment project implemented by a Swiss chemical company. Lenmontag Steelworks development plan includes the next global update of its machinery fleet and the formation of the digital environment. We are confident in our professionalism and hope that hand-in-hand with our business partners, prospective clients and reliable employees Lenmontag Steelworks will open new horizons for itself in the future. Thank you!