A steel frames production enterprise

Assembly of steel structures


The Montage & Installation Sector of Lenmontag holding provides services for the assembly, emplacement and installation of metal structures on site. Where is possible to apply for a full-cycle assembling, Steelworks can provide just the basic preparation of metal structures for any further construction works performed by the third party. Our specialists enjoy travel mobility across various regions of Russia, ensuring the transportation of metal and organizing installation works at the place of execution. We are justifiably proud of our successful projects with metal structures of any complexity and kind: from the frameworks of industrial buildings to oil refineries to elements of nuclear power plants to highway bridges.

Industrial projects in metal, chemical, car-building, oil and gas industries are present in our portfolio. We provide services for the private and governmental sectors, which include the construction of load-bearing frameworks for business and retail buildings (hypermarkets, exhibition centers, etc.).

While the delivery and installation of metal structures remains our core competency, we have repeatedly organized supporting or additional construction stages. We are ready to offer subsequent installation of composite panels (the “sandwiches”), profiled metal listings, sidings, roof panels, windows, doors, rooflights, gates and other.

The montage of metal structures can be carried out as part of an existing architectural project or on the basis of our own design solutions for framework blueprints and detailed metal drawings. However, in absence of any reliable project Lenmontag engineers are ready to provide our clients with one. In latter case, our experience confirms such single-roof combination of construction division and manufacturing plant to provide a far more complete and efficient result of the construction project.

Pricing and proposals

Due to the capital nature of this service line and because of very many factors considered (for example: season, climate, altitude, technology and features of the construction site), we ask you to reach our managers through the Contacts website section or leave a Request for prices here.


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