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Steel elements for STEP Ltd.

Lenmontag Steelworks provided its client with manufacturing and delivery of 172,18 tons…

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Металлоконструкции для СММ

Manufacturing and supply of metal structures for SMM

Lenmontag Steelworks manufactured and supplied metal structures in the amount of 424.30…

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Металлоконструкции эстакад для ООО "ЛУКОЙЛ-Нижегороднефтеоргсинтез"

Metal structures of flyovers for LLC LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez

Lenmontag Steelworks manufactured metal structures of flyovers with a total weight of…

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Металлоконструкции для РЖД на участке Бологое-Дно

Metal structures for Russian Railways on the Bologoe-Dno section

Lenmontag Steelworks manufactured and supplied steel structures of the superstructure for the…

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Люки для РЖД_2

Hatches painting for Russian Railways

Lenmontag Steelworks performs the application of anti-corrosion protection of all-metal steel hatches…

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Банковский мост_2

Bank Bridge steel elements

Lenmontag Steelworks accepted and fullfilled the contract order for some of the…

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ЗАО «СММ» - ПАО «Мурманский морской торговый порт»

Dust protectors for the Sea Port

Lenmontag Steelworks is to produce steel frames of a dust-protecting screening for…

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Пролётные строения моста пути СПБ-Москва

Spans of railroad bridges on the route St. Petersburg to Moscow

Lenmontag Steelworks joined the manufacturing of span structures for the railway bridges…

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Швейная фабрика Боско. Производство металлоконструкций Ленмонтаж

Bosco garment plant

Lenmontag Steelworks produces metal building structures for the production workshop of the…

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