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Embedded details


Our products include a wide range of embedded parts, which we produce according to serial standards or for an individual customer request. We carry out metal parts from steels of different thicknesses for the following purposes:

  • Such details are installed in concrete, monolithic, brick or non-capital structures to strengthen the connections or prepare the following connecting elements. In addition to classic fittings and wire knitting, we offer embedded parts of angular, frame, lengthy types with threading or other connective textures.
  • These embedded parts are designed to support the technological infrastructure of the facility. For example, these are blanks for lampposts or outlets of drainage systems, smoke removals and ventilation. These are also cable trays, glands, insulating pallets, rails, thresholds or guide strips for moving elements. It can also be slats for hanging electrical control panels of buildings or trestles of car washes, placed in a concrete bed.
  • This includes shields for additional strengthening of monolithic structures, steel formworks, beams with welded rods for additional reinforcement, geo-supporting grids for highways on mobile grounds, finishing rings for factory pipes, steel fastenings for expansion joints, columns or sagging materials.

Anchoring groups are allocated into a separate service line for embedded parts, since they can carry both reinforcing and technological character, or may possess a status of the main constructive element. For example, lightweight building structures or cable-carrying overpasses are often placed on anchorages. Depending on the client’s needs, we select the slope and characteristics of the rods and form designs of the corresponding nests or welding blanks.

We execute embedded parts of both closed (which is completely placed inside the structures) and open types (which are intended to external connection).

Pricing and proposals

To calculate the cost of embedded details, please contact our managers by phone, email or through the application form on the website.


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