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Pipeline supports


Lenmontag Steelworks produces pipeline supports of standard forms (after Russian State Standards OST and GOST) and under individual order. Our offering includes support elements for pipes and pipelines with a diameter of 100 to 1000 (or more) millimeters. We conduct requests for capital and temporary heating mains, in-house utility networks, as well as pipes of private or household purposes of different configurations. For capital customers, we offer support structures for high-altitude heat trains, including heavy-lift high-altitude pipes, and are ready to produce associated metal infrastructure such as technological platforms, ladders, stages and protective structures.

The proposed ready-to-go designs include the following:

  • T-type and U-type (yoke) supports of Russian types TП, TX;
  • Full-bodied and tubular supports of Russian types ТО, КП;
  • Corner, channel, shoe type supports of Russian types ШП, УП, etc.;
  • Open-frame support elements such as Russian XB, etc.;
  • Adjustable rolling and sliding supports (Russian ОПП, ОПБ);
  • Fittings, hardware, structural support elements.

Supports are predominantly made of steels of Russian Ст3 or 09Г2С. Under the individual order it is possible to discuss some alternative steel solutions.

Pricing and Proposals

To calculate the cost of metal structures for buildings and construction, please contact our managers by phone, email or through the application form on the website.


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