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Electricity pylons and towers


Lenmontag Steelworks produce electricity pylons and towers for high-voltage power lines. Various dimensions and configurations are possible: anchoring pylons, intermediate and transpositional towers, splitters or pylons according to the design requirements of the client (in this case, the Detailed Metal Drawings section should be developed in before). Steelworks provide the opportunity to order straight-standing, angular or mixed types of towers. It is also possible to manufacture heavy metallic structures for turning points of high-voltage power lines, where direction angles exceed 25 degrees. We are ready to consider the need to install reinforced concrete bases for towers or for the implementation of braces, that are special steel cables that hold the line towers in areas with unstable operating conditions. In addition to the towers of high-tension lines, we produce any related metal fittings such as ladders, grounding pins, brackets, metal braces and belts, fixed bandages.

The Electrotechnology Sector of Lenmontag head company is ready to provide installation of power transmission towers, including their direct on-land positioning and commissioning of high voltage lines. However, such works are negotiated separately and require some preliminary approvals, as this Sector is not a part of Lenmontag Steelworks.

Pricing and proposals

To calculate the cost of metal structures for high-voltage power lines, please contact our managers by phone, email or through the application form on the website.


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