A steel frames production enterprise

Individual metal designs


Lenmontag Steelworks process metal products according to the client’s individual drawings. The purpose of such products can be private construction (e.g. summertime buildings or garages) and repair, performance of small-sized subcontract works. The most common types of such orders are:

  • Stair flights, strips and carrying bowstring, handrails, racks of railing;
  • Folding parts in small volumes;
  • Elements of metal fittings and design;
  • Edging of places for the withdrawal of utilities, gaskets and protective plates;
  • Coatings: metal panels, corrugated board, elements of metal siding, steel sheds;
  • Channel bars and beams in small-sized cutting;
  • Ramps for the movement of physically challenged people.

Each order is negotiated separately and can be executed as part of lean production, when the raw material is selected from the production residues of Steelworks, or as professional order. In latter case Steelworks engineer together with the client determines or develops requirements and designs and then moves the order to standard industrial cycle.

Pricing and proposals

To calculate the cost of processing individual metal designs, please contact our managers by phone, email or through the application form on the website.


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