A steel frames production enterprise

Construction of a high-speed motorway Moscow – St. Petersburg

Photo: Alexander Kulebyakin’s archive // Interpress

The toll road M-11 from Moscow to St. Petersburg with the length of 669 km should be fully launched to the World Cup 2018. The general contract for the almost 140-kilometer section of the high-speed road (from 543 to 684 kilometers) was received back in 2015 by the Turkish “IC IÇTAŞ INŞAAT SANAYI VE TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI”, JSC (ICA). According to the curator of the project, the state-owned company Autodor, the cost of work on the St. Petersburg segment is estimated at almost 80 billion Russian rubles, including private investments of 19.2 billion rubles. The concessionaire is Magistral of Two Capitals, LLC, created with the participation of bank VTB Capital and the French VINCI. Into the subcontract with the Turkish ICA entered dozens of companies from St. Petersburg: road builders, transportation companies, bridge builders, suppliers of materials and equipment.

In 2017 began the works of the final cycle for the construction of bridges and span structures. Some steel frames are supplied by Lenmontag Steelworks A large contract involving a multi-million-dollar deal covers the ICA need in the complex details of heavy tonnage.