A steel frames production enterprise

Lenmontag Steelworks: “No!” to losses

As part of the new development program of the Steelworks, a new operational management system has been launched. This system is based on the LEAN methodology (for English “lean manufacturing”). Preparation stage before the implementation included changes in the accounting structure for the movement of materials, standardizing the consumption of raw materials and redistribution of production areas for a leaner location of production cycle. According to the plant Director, LEAN will significantly increase the savings on raw materials, business wastes and expensive consumables, such as welding wires. Another benefit is expected from transportation and logistics stages due to the reduction in the number of operations of mobile cranes and in-plant cargo movements.

But reducing economic costs is not the only good. LEAN contributes to increasing the environmental responsibility of enterprises and is aimed not only at cutting down the production costs, but also at reducing emissions to the environment through the savings of heat and the use of energy-efficient materials or equipment.