A steel frames production enterprise

Metal supplies for the National Children Center

Under the agreement with the state, Lenmontag started the new general contract. The subject of the agreement is the reconstruction of the unfinished summer amphitheater into a building of a year-round usage. The All-Russian Children’s Center “Orlenok”, administered by the entity of the same name, is planned to be an exemplary heir to the pioneer traditions and development of the youth, as well as a pleasant place to relax in the Krasnodar Region of the Russian Federation.

“The opening of the Amphitheater in Orlenok is a unique and incredible event for the Russian Federation. We are very grateful to the President of Russia and the Government of our country for the best gift to the children of Russia, which can only be done on the Day of Childhood! This is a real theater with the technical equipment of the highest class, opening up new opportunities for gifted children who will be able to fully reveal their talents. Every year Orlenok attracts about 20 different festivals, and this site will give impetus to the development of creative abilities among thousands of boys and girls. The new hall fully complies with the world standards of safety of structures that are used for children, and will never be empty”, will say Alexander Djous, the director of the Center.

The building should become one of the most modern and technically equipped concert halls in the south of Russia. The unique architectural solution of the amphitheater, the total area of which is 5.65 thousand m2, is determined by the reconstruction of the historical image of Ancient Roman amphitheater-and-forums. It can accommodate 1500 spectators at a time.