A steel frames production enterprise

Steel frames go for Power Machines, OJSC

In November, Lenmontag entered into an agreement with a contractor of a large machine-building enterprise Power Machines, the latter is known to many citizens of St. Petersburg after its historical ancestor – the Leningrad Metal Plant. Today, Power Machines is one of the leading energy machine-building companies with international experience and competence in the field of equipment for thermal, nuclear, hydraulic and gas turbine power plants. Operating in 57 countries around the globe, Power Machines, OJSC, is on further expansion. This is a reason to the construction of a power equipment plant in the town of Metallostroy near St. Petersburg. For this purpose, the specialists from Lenmontag Steelworks are involved: the scope of contract will include the manufacturing and supply of steel structures for the frames of the industrial building, which are designed to suit the requirements of Power Machines.

Lenmontag Steelworks plans to complete the cycle of work by 2012 and expresses the hope that this partnership will bring mutual benefit to all parties of the deal. The new industrial complex, according to Steelworks Director, will contribute to the further development of the industrial potential of St. Petersburg.