A steel frames production enterprise

Lenmontag to frame workshops of Klimov, OJSC

The reequipment of Klimov’s production facilities is a strategic investment project of St. Petersburg, which was presented to the governor in mid-2010. Within its framework, Lenmontag has concluded a contract for the manufacturing and installation of metal structures for the new R&D and production base. According to Steelworks representatives, the metal is intended for the area of development and production of gas turbine engines on the main site of Klimov. Memorandum on cooperation in the investment project called “Reconstruction and technical reequipment of the scientific and production base for the development and production of gas turbine engines” was signed between private and government agencies on July 18. At present, Klimov, OJSC, is one of the top Russian developers of aircraft engines, including unique helicopter turbines.

Despite its status, as it was repeatedly noted, the areas of the concern require significant modernization and a modern production environment to be established. Being involved in the project, Lenmontag Steelworks proudly contributes to the advance of the aviation industry of the Russian state.