A steel frames production enterprise

Quality management (ISO)

For many years Lenmontag Steelworks has conducted its business side-by-side with a quality control system for its production lines. Our system was certified in accordance with Russian GOST R and ISO 9001-2008 “Quality Management Systems. Requirements” and re-certified again after Russian GOST R ISO 9001-2015 of the same name. Both Russian Standards are identical to international ISO standards of ISO 9001 “Quality Management Systems” series. Inter alia, high quality of Lenmontag Steelworks’ production is confirmed by placement of the Steelworks into the List of Russian Railways Metal Suppliers for Spans, Bridges and Pylons

Our quality management includes all stages of manufacturing. We begin with a quality audit of raw materials and move to a final compliance check with our clients within each contract. So, what do we exactly do?

  • We assess market standing, business image, financial stability of our partners – this due diligence provides us with a certain degree of confidence towards our suppliers and subcontractors.
  • We check for necessary certifications, expert reports, laboratory trials and other confirmations of origin of raw materials and primary resources.
  • We accept, store and process metal materials in a strict accordance with their terms of use. For example, before the processing, metal is air blasted and cleaned from extraneous matters after the 2nd degree requirements of Russian GOST 9.402-80.
  • We conduct our own trials of goods and products in the Steelworks laboratory or in the specialized expert bureaus.
  • We bring supervising engineers to follow every step of manufacturing process, while each special stage (e.g., welding or painting) is additionally controlled by a specialized professional in this area with necessary certifications.
  • We conduct an internal final acceptance for our products, where we repeat every visual and technological assessment we have already made, but by an independent expert.
  • We follow the procedures of bridge frames (and some other structures too) inspection. For the inspector, we ensure access to our production and production sites and provide an all-encompassing support for such audits.
  • We provide our clients with a full set of documents for our production, including raw materials certifications, independent trials results and waybills.
  • We conduct compliance checks with our clients, ensure every requirement is met and our customer is fully satisfied with our performance.

Thus, Lenmontag Steelworks executes three quality management assessments during the production cycle and a comprehensive support of raw materials and goods till they are fully accepted by our client.