A steel frames production enterprise

Greeting message

Dear partners and colleagues,

Welcome to Lenmontag Steelworks website. We are grateful for your attention to our enterprise and activities. It is a pleasure to see as our hard and dedicated efforts are resulting in a reciprocal interest of your kind, where a business purpose and simple curiosity are equally appreciated. We hope you find the information here useful for your needs.

Operating staff, engineering and project departments stand duly proud for the quality standards of Lenmontag Steelworks. We are guiding ourselves with the principles of transparency and personal responsibility to our clients and employees. We are looking into the future with a desire to make a significant contribution to the technological, aesthetic and architectural shape of our environment. So, we do our best to keep our business clear for understanding, to maintain the job stability and to support you with the most accurate info about our capabilities. Good luck and best wishes!

Sincerely yours,
Lenmontag Steelworks Administration

Our mission

Here at Lenmontag Steelworks we understand our mission as the satisfaction of the highest requirements of our customers, may it be manufacturing of bridge structures or modeling of unique metal buildings and structures. A strong business partnership lies in the foundation of our well-being, and the impeccable quality of our products reinforces our success. The company’s mission to the society is to create a productive, modern, competitive enterprise, which shall be a reliable element in the foundation of the economy of the Russian Federation. With our products we do not just issue steel structures. We ensure the creation of new jobs, facilitate economic prosperity of state and growth of social and tax deductions.

Our values

A metal structures plant is not simply a factory, but a sophisticated mechanism. It involves the efforts of hundreds of people as well as business connections and professional engineering. In our everyday work we found the following beacons for us:

  • Respect to the requirements, terms and conditions set with our customers and business partners
  • Efficiency and desire for continuous and confident results in everything we do
  • Labor equity, which involves the reward for achieved results and equal conditions for professional growth
  • Honesty and completeness of information in relations with our clients and employees
  • Trust in the professionalism of our employees and freedom of opinion, which allows us to unite high-class professionals and talented organizers for joint tasks
  • Interest both to our own success and to the sustainable development of our partners

Our obligations

We understand that facing a difficult economic situation tasks the manufacturer to ensure the reliability of all the self-assumed obligations. Striving to attract new customers and retain proven business partners, we do follow certain ethical standards:

  • We fulfill our obligations and expect fulfillment of obligations from our partners
  • We strive for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation and believe that relations with business partners, employees and the state, based on respect, trust, honesty and justice, are the first stage of any success
  • We focus on the needs of customers and guarantee the high quality of our work
  • We value our reputation, strictly observe the rules of business ethics and the law
  • We do not use unethical or unfair ways of doing business, rely on the reputation of our partners and take the necessary precautions to ensure the rule of law